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1st Limehouse


The Limehouse Women's Institute registered the Limehouse group for the first time on 3 November, 1958. Wolf Cubs were run by Ross Culp and Scouts by Frank Bryant. By the mid 1960's the group was inactive, but in 1970 it was revived by the Women's Institute. The Cub pack met at the Limehouse Public School from 1973 until 1976. In the meantime, the group fixed up the former stables at the rear of the old Methodist Church which now serves the village as a Memorial Hall, run by the Women's Institute. In 1976, the group moved into its' own "Scout Hut" . The Scouters were Elaine and David Hannah, Steve Thompson and Jim Coughlin.

Beavers were started in the Autumn of 1978 with 22 boys. Venturers were formed in 1981 under former Scoutmaster Dick Rock. He went on in 1984 to start a Rover crew.

The Memorial Hall was used by North Halton District for many years as their headquarters for Council and for Scouter's Club. The old Scout hut was closed in 1985, forcing the group to return to Limehouse Public School. The group has returned to the Limehouse Community Hall and is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Georgetown.
Elaine Hannah was a Cub leader beginning in 1972. She remained involved in 1st Limehouse until she moved out of this area in 1997.

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