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1st Glen Williams


Boys from Glen Williams have belonged to Scouts in Georgetown for many years, but it wasn't until 1957 that the 1st Glen Williams group was formed. The group committee was Roy Norton, Jr., Henry Lorriman and Gordon Hilts. They supervised a Cub pack under Jean Hawksby, David Livingstone and Marion "Billie" Young.

In the Autumn of 1957, a troop was formed under Scoutmaster Bob Hardman. Steve Gemesi took over the troop and continued to run it until 1982! His long involvement was honoured by the village by making him Citizen of the Year. Rick Symmes, John Little and Peter Valentine took over in 1982 and were followed by Mark Rowe, Don Tipple, Alex Furness, John McGee, Al Watt, Stuart Eckert, Roger Temple, Dave Livett, Kevin Vieyra, Ian Fleming and Cameron Mahon.

Venturers were formed in 1968 under Steve Gemesi. His company consisted of Dave Reynolds, Fred Giles, Mike Sargent, Bob Castleman, Glen O'Connor and Don Staddon. Venturers were reorganized in 1986 under Rick Symmes and Peter Valentine. A third reorganization took place in 1995 under advisors Dr. Alex Furness and Roger Temple.

Beavers opened in 1980 with Susan Fry, Joanne Van Den Hoek, Ted Fry, Luc Bertrand and Art Dowds sharing the leadership. The leaders of the colony in 1999 were Karen VanKooten, Gary Britton and Campbell Rindfleisch.

A Rover crew was formed in 1989 under Ric Symmes and Peter Valentine. It operated until 1991.
1 st Glen Williams is sponsored jointly by St. Alban's Anglican and St. John's United (Glen Williams) Churches. The sections have met in St. Alban's, St. John's, Glen Williams Town Hall and Glen Williams Public School over the years.

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