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5th Georgetown


Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church Women's League originally sponsored the 5th Georgetown group. Fred Sullivan was the first Group Committee chairman in 1961. The Cub pack was led by Mrs. M. Hobson, Len Burns and Mrs. F. Hill. Scouts met under Francis and Sidney Hulme.

In the early seventies, Ron Wolfenberg started the Venturer company, being succeed by John Owen. In 1975 Steve Witcher skippered the Rover crew. That same year the group started a Beaver colony. In 1979 the Beaver leaders were Mike Payne, Helen Beckett, Barb Jackson and Rob Horning. The group met at Holy Cross Church hall and at George Kennedy Public School.
The Rover crew closed in 1980, Venturers in 1983, Cubs and Scouts about 1987. Nevertheless, the group continued with a Beaver colony. In September 1999, Beavers under Veronica Yetman, Robin Whaley, Bruce Wenham, Dayne Eagle, Bruce Morrison and Evelyn Ashrafi meets at St. Francis of Assisi School. A Cub pack has been added under Jayne Clemance, Vera Langedyk and Stephen Baker.

4th Georgetown


St. Andrew's United Church agreed to sponsor 4th Georgetown in September 1959. A Cub pack was registered under Joe McConkey and Doug Ward. Harry Levy chaired the group committee that first year.

In the Autumn of 1960 chairman Norman Fry opened a Scout troop with Doug Ward becoming the Scoutmaster. Daniel Crawford started Venturers in 1968 with ten boys. That year there were also 40 Scouts and 36 Cubs under George Mann, Sylvia Katterine, Ann Riley, George Cozens and Robert Simpson.

Beavers were introduced in 1980 under Robert Rodrique, Ann Wickham, Connie Wilkins and Madeline Osatchuk.

2nd Georgetown


Although St. George's Anglican Church sponsored 1st Georgetown for several years in the twenties, it wasn't until 26 October, 1956 that they registered 2nd Georgetown Cub pack. Jim Schofield was the Cubmaster. The following year a Scout troop was opened under Wilf Brisbois. These leaders were assisted by Tom McColgan, Bob Hardman, Gilbert Preston, Bob Hedley, Jim Sargent and Ernie Trimbell.
Venturers were created in 1968 under Keith Usher.

Beavers opened in May 1979. By September they had two colonies under Catherine Adams, Colin Jennings, Alex Wasylenko, Colin Butcher, Darlene Knight, Nancy Lane and Victoria Pasma.

3rd Georgetown


As Georgetown grew, a third group opened at Knox Presbyterian Church in November 1957 with a Cub pack and Scout troop. The leaders were June Gunn, Anna Mair, Dawn Fiebig, Jack Livingstone, Vic Gunn, Bill Mair and Norm Herbert.

Beavers opened here about 1976. In 1979 the Beaver leaders were Anne Marie Guistini, Maureen Bewley and Sybil Ewing. Recruitment of leaders became a problem until the group was forced to close in June 1981.

The group was reactivated in the Autumn of 1997 under group committee Peter Noble, Jo-Ann Vickers and Cathy Myles. Twenty Beavers were registered under James Myles, Grace Rylett, Bruce Morrison and Susanne Disley.

1st Georgetown


Boy Scouts were formed in Georgetown in 1910 under High School teacher L. R. Halnan. They participated in the July 1911 Drummer's Snack parade. The group closed sometime after that.

In 1916, St. John's Methodist Church reorganized the troop under Scoutmaster J. S. Long.

St. George's Anglican Church was the next sponsor when the troop was registered again on 21 May, 1921 under William Herb Foster. In July 1922 Wolf Cubs opened under Charles Lucas. Cliff (Tim) Stacey was the new Scoutmaster in 1923 when he took the boys to Toronto on the Toronto Suburban Railway (Radial Line) to meet Sir Robert Baden-Powell.

Rovers first met on 25 March, 1931 under Fred McNally.

In March 1943 the troop was reorganized at the Town Hall under Charles Davis, Albert Tost and Jack Armstrong. The Oddfellows Lodge took over sponsorship of the group.

The charter for 1st Georgetown was moved for the final time on 21 June, 1949 back to St. John's United Church. Georgetown's first Queen's Scouts were Ross McGilvray, Donald Livingstone and Jack Livingstone in 1953. Jean Layman joined the Cub Pack in 1960 and is still a registered member of the District.

Venturers were formed in 1968 under Dave Shrubsole. In 1977, Howard Powell took the Venturer company to Prince Edward Island - by canoe! The paddling was done by Mark Barnert, Kevin Baxter, Todd Beckett, Marty Boyle, Bruce Callaghan, Bill Carson, Mike Dixon, Doug Doupagne, Mark Euteneier, Brian Hastings, Tom Hastings, Rob Heaton, Dave Lince, Jasper Megelink, Dave Nichols and Dale Powell.

Beavers were formed in 1975. By 1979 there were two colonies under Barry Gambles, Jennifer Kilpin, Brenda Lee, Joan Lowrie, Carson Mininch, Jean-Ellen Mininch, Carol McCartney and Cathy Smith.

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