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1st Ashgrove


The Rev. John C. Hill of Hillcrest United Church opened the 1st Ashgrove Scout troop in 1961 with three boys: John Nurse, Charles Hill and Tom Ruddell. The group committee chairman was Bruce McClure.

In 1971, Ashgrove joined Hornby and Scotch Block groups in a successful bid to separate from Georgetown District. When the group rejoined North Halton District in 1983, it had a Beaver colony and a Scout troop under Dale Thibideau, Richard Holmes, Richard Poth, Bryan Boyce, Ken Sidebottom, Orst Shein, Cliff Evans, Mike McClements and Clive Midwinter.

After the Troop closed, Ashgrove Beavers joined 1st Hornby Cubs about 1994. The two groups still have separate sponsors but operate under one group committee. Joanne Cambruzzi and Cathy Coyle administered the group at that time.
They have met at Hillcrest United Church on the corner of Trafalgar Road and 5 Sideroad, but now meet across the road at Pineview Public School.

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